Wedding Planning! How I’m planning my wedding in just 4 1/2 months!

So, I am starting my journey of wedding planning another chapter yet amazing chapter of my life with the man I love. Yes we are getting married this year and I have only 4 1/2 months to plans it. So how am I planning on doing this without a wedding planner? SIMPLE (not) I so far have a list started of budget and ideas. Honestly pinterest helps me  lot haha thank god for the countless hours I spent on there. So I am gonna keep everyone up to date on my planning and please I am open to suggestions on tips and places and well anything wedding related.

Ok lets start with my List I have all the important stuff on this list like venues, florist, photographers, officiant, colours/themes, and so on. I even have my “cake” idea so we are gonna do 4 different cupcakes and we know the place we are getting them from FLIRT cupcake here in Edmonton when I go do the Testing I’ll take y’all along with me for that. I have a few things picked out like my maid of honor and colours and well obviously the date. We have ideas for everything else and after this post I am gonna email more places about venues and get info on catering even though I want it at cactus club. Now we are going small 30-50 people. That’s about all I got.

HELP! I love spring so June 2 2018 in Edmonton we are getting married so I would love you all to give ideas and suggestions.



Embrace your sexuality! Becoming comfortable in your own skin. . . By Modelling!

Now, before we get started and I start this topic I know I am probably gonna be attacked by a few people mostly feminist (sorry, that usually who attacks me) Anyways I do 09771BFE-E967-478F-865A-7B82E9105995“modelling” for fun not for money or to sell the photos I literally just do it for me, why? I do it because it helps boost confidence and I love the naked women body. I believe in the free the nipple movement that’s going around on social media. I embrace my naked body and my right to show it off. Now I wont be posting any of my nudes on here because apparently nudes are a NO NO unless on a porn site and well frankly this is a blog so I’m sorry to anyone who thought they would get a nude. I got started last year and this was from my first shoot (the right) I did and the photographer reached out to me. I am based in Edmonton Canada, for those wondering and if you want the photographers IG or contact info feel free to message me. Anyways!

We all know I have anxiety and with anxiety comes self confidence problems and body CCBC70B0-68B6-41CB-80DE-5A84666C95E1issues and well lets be real the list goes on! So why did I decide to do this photo shoot, simple I was learning to step out of my comfort zone and do the things that gave me anxiety and push my way through them. Now I’m not gonna lie I was so scared and shaky my first photo shoot actually my first two photo shoots I was scared! But after a bit you become relaxed and you breath and after you see the photos you see how amazing you looking on the outside and have that realisation that you are not just beautiful on the inside but on the outside as well. When you have anxiety the way you look at yourself in the mirror different than how others see you, although I am a firm believe you are all beautiful on the inside most of us still wanna feel beautiful on the outside and see it when we look in 7A689EFF-A8E2-4872-A2DC-E1D35FF1B905the mirror. I did not see that when I looked in the mirror till I did my first shoot. I embraced my sexuality and became comfortable with my body, my skin, myself. I know its crazy to make our outer beauty so important but its how we are raised now and we are raised that the way you look is more important than brains. WRONG! But feeling beautiful when you look in the mirror for yourself is important I think! So I answered this message from this total stranger who wanted to do a shoot! I said yes not knowing what I was agreeing to but I did it and once I seen the photos I was in love with MYSELF! You read that right I loved what I seen, I saw a me i wasn’t use to looking at! I saw what everyone else seen! I felt beautiful both inside and out finally.

I encourage people to jump and take chances, there’s no excuse in my books because i used being an introvert and anxiety person as an excuse for years, tell me does this E95605CE-7D06-4182-ADF1-4A112481135Bexcuse sound familiar? If so stop using it as one and jump out of the skin you think your in and jump into that beautiful skin you already have that you hide from yourself. Look in the mirror and see the you everyone else see’s. I’m not saying do modelling but it did help me and I feel it can help many I encourage so many men and women to try it even once! Trust me you wont regret it dolls. I now love my body and embrace my sexuality more even in the way I dress. I’m more comfortable in my skin!!

Being a Business owner with Anxiety. How I stay a Boss Babe with Anxiety!

boss-babe-registeredSeems like everyone now days has some sort of mental disorder or claim to have anxiety/panic attacks. Now I have been to the doctors when that heart pounding, fidgeting hands, bouncing leg, and sense of overwhelming kicks in and I was told its anxiety. I was given pills and they did help but I sometimes forgot them on the counter at home and I wouldn’t realise it till I was having anxiety in the car or at work.  So I stopped taking them and researched how to cope with it without the pills. Anyways I have a whole post on that a few post backs.

So, I one day decided I’m gonna start a business! Now that excited me then I started looking into HOW? What do I need? Then it happened ANXIETY and my anxiety told me you can’t do this, youre not smart enough, just give up before you blow all this money. The worst part was I listened, I stopped and just picked up a job with a now client and he pushed me to open my business. He use to be a business owner and he helped me even when I was having anxiety he pushed me and said its gonna be worth it. Just writing this gives me anxiety, thinking of how I felt back then gives me that heart racing and jumping leg but I’m gonna let my leg jump and my heart race and keep typing!!! So, it took me 27 days to get my business name and licensing all done so on the 28th day I posted my first Kijiji ad for employees and clients! That gave me a panic attack this was the moment of truth did my 700$ pay off. Is anyone gonna want my business and service, but it was to late to back down now I was in! This was the moment I realised I had to talk to people meet new people and get our of my shell FUCK! I was ready to give up right here when I realised I had to be social with strangers with no one there to hold my hand and help me. How did I deal with it, well I walked away and did my 5,4,3,2,1 anxiety method. I had a coffee or tea and watched a movie or a few episodes of friends till I was calm then I picked it back up! Time! Time is your best friend when you have anxiety. I still walk away from my computer when it gets to bad. I now have a girl in management who does most of the stuff for me now so I don’t have it as often but it took me a while to get to this point I had to do all the work for the first 8 months! I thought about going back on meds but I was doing so god before without them. Now don’t take this as me against meds I’m a nurse haha I fully believe in them but I just didn’t want them yet I didn’t want that dependence. So like I said I walked away from a lot of situations and I did phone interviews and skype interviews or facetime interviews. Honestly this helped me a lot I found ways to cope with the anxiety and panic attacks. Most people were happy to do it this way because it didn’t take so much time out of there day. Frankly for half my interviews I didn’t even have pants on haha or wash my hair! Hehe, now its been almost two years and I have a successful company I still have anxiety clearly lol but I make the most of it and walk away why because I’m the boss I have control of both my self and my business!

Don’t let your “mental” illness stop you or slow you down, I know this is easier said than done but try give it your all, walk away take a break or a breather! Be your own boss!

love you love bugs

From small town to, living Downtown Edmonton!

Talk about BIG changes. I have lived in small cities and outside of cities like Kelowna BC and Kamloops BC ( I also lived in Edmonton a small community when I was a kid and we kept in our area didn’t explore.) I moved to Edmonton from Salmon arm BC a small town now turned a small small city haha I don’t count it as a city as it takes 10 mins from one 2399AEC6-FFBD-47FA-8D75-C4C0BF84557B1BB53B96-3307-4100-9D6F-2373B39C040Fend of the town to the other. Anyways I moved to downtown at the very begging of the year so only a few days ago and frankly so far I love it!! I have everything in walking distance Cactus club, Central, Freshii, Ricky’s grill, my fav sushi place all right near me its like living back home in Salmon Arm (SA). Although me moving downtown was a HUGE change for maybe 2 days I grew to love it fast clearly. I think a big part is the area of downtown that we picked to live, we have an amazing view it silent and we have places to walk my rat boy (dog). Victoria park, the legislative building, and downtown area he loves it he goes for 3 walks a day now must say he is a spoiled little prince now. Enough ranting about how much I love it down here what are the negatives, well for start there homeless, not in my area but when we walk away close to Jasper there is loads! Last night we had 9 cop cars here all silent no lights and 12 officers across the street some of which had there assault riffles out and they arrested someone and searched the building across the street. Entertaining yes but kinda scary haha. Now we live next to some older buildings not a problem but there are a few druggies which I’m not use to have them around maybe the odd one here and there.

So, why am I writing this post? To be honest this was me taking a chance and putting myself in a different situation even though it gave me anxiety and I never really wanted to. I more compromised actually, Owen wanted to live downtown and I didn’t but I love him and I decided to take a chance and a leap for 2018 and here I am writing about it. I took a chance and let my anxiety go crazy and tell me it was wrong and dangerous and all this other stuff. I still get anxiety when I think about it but I go to the 31st floor and look out those windows and see the whole city and realise I am happy where I live and I am alive breathing and no amount of anxiety can stop that or fix it. I encourage you to take that chance and move some place you never thought you would, maybe change countries or move to a new city. If you are doing New Years resolutions maybe this is that leap you need to get your New Years resolutions kicked into hyper drive!

To those moving I highly recommend moving near the Legislative building in Edmonton it’s so beautiful!

Love you love bugs

My 2018 start!

So, I started December 31st by moving into a new place with Owen (the boyfriend) we missed the fireworks cuz they were at 9 pm. . . Now who does fireworks at 9 pm when New Years is at midnight? Hmm but ok ill go with it, needless to say we didn’t go out for New Years we stayed at home laid in bed and ate sushi watched movies. Currently still in a home that doesn’t have all the furniture in it haha but we are starting fresh so we are getting all new stuff making it OUR home this was our idea of a fresh start for 2018. Now In a earlier post I talked about resolutions. Last min I decided I’m not doing resolutions, YES that’s correct I’m not doing any resolutions! WHY, because I’m happy with my life and where I’m at that I don’t feel I need to set them. My goals and gains change so much as each day is just that a new day. I’m already into fitness and my goals are no different than last year. I’m growing my business same as I have been for almost 2 years. I’ve been working on my anxiety day by day because each day is different. I might change a few things not because its a new year but its a fresh start with my man so we as a couple will make changes to make our life better. Yes we are doing the NEW YEARS each healthier but we are both healthy eaters to begin with we just decided to have our fun over the holiday season and now the holidays are over we are back on track. My only thing is I wont be drinking this year ( wink, wink, bump) but that’s not a resolution at all cuz lets be serious I LOVE my wine! I guess its safe to say I’m starting my 2018 off just like I did my 2017 with no resolutions and no expectation, I’m gonna take it as each day comes and make goals for that day or week or month but not for a whole year.

I hope that everyone enjoys there New Years resolutions or no resolutions. I want everyone reading this to know your not alone and that someone is always there for you.

Love you Love bugs

Thick? Squat? Booty? Peach? Whatever you call it, its the trend!

#30daybootytransformation we have all heard this or seen this hashtag a some point whether it be from Instagram or Twitter I’ll be honest NOT TRUE! Lord if I could have that perfect shape peach from squats and those thick thighs we all want in 30 days everyone would be fit and fitness would be easy our new years resolutions would all be done in time for that summer body!

Now to the right is my #30daybootytransformation … cough cough… its fake each photo was taken two mins apart and a little camera move and clothing change. Yeah that’s right4AB41CB8-9CDB-4303-9343-F00CCA520F42 its not real mwahahaha. Now STOP think about it how many times have we seen these types of photos on Instgram of #transformationtuesday or #tbt. How many of these are actually real? Is this person being honest? Are they doing it to sell a brand or get the likes? So be very careful with that you see and who inspires you. Now honestly it takes 21 days to create a habit so how the hell are you suppose to see changes in 30 days! when it can take up to 8-12 weeks for you to even notice a change in the mirror. Yes it can take that long and well I’m sorry but that’s true. To look like these fitness models on Instagram you need a strict diet a routine and dedication. I’ve explained in earlier post that a personal trainer isn’t a bad idea. Now I’m not saying go to your local good life and pay them because there not all qualified (sorry hunnie I know you manage a good life) but do your research and find one that fits your budged and needs! Not just use them because they have 1.2 million followers are they gonna take the time to work on you and help you reach that goal keep you motivated, are they just gonna give you a cookie cutter diet that may not work with your body type! THINK and choose wisely dears.

I tried two different booty routines last year and one actually worked over the other. I went with a booty queens workout who has over 2 million followers not gonna say a name but her beginner one OMFG was not for beginners it was HARD and honestly i lost68F3F1DD-6139-42C4-BC40-01BF58068864 all motivation because it wasn’t fun and was the same freaking thing every time then you buy booty phase part 2 and its the same thing just more weight and reps. Now i went with @body_by_xenia now I started with her booty workout and LOVED it she is actually there to help you! Then I joined her fit in 12 weeks and once again loved it till I had to have surgery on my belly. ( surgery was not from working out haha) but honestly she made a community and made everyone accountable and we talked to other girls doing this fit in 12 weeks and let me tell you I loved it and would do it again. Now I’m gonna make my boyfriend help me because he has loads of knowledge and works for good life so I’m gonna train with him and make the most and build muscles!!

Now why did I bring this topic up AGAIN! Instagram obviously I did the who top 9 photos and well all my booty photos showed up haha. So it made me wonder why? I realised this is the trend and what people want. So why not share some advice and share a bit of my experience and photos. I do hope this will help you guys pick the right person or trainer for you.36959879-29CC-4891-B8B2-C3A9C661A6E0



Living with Anxiety, What triggers it? How do I handle it? How do the people around me respond?

Anxiety disorders are a group of mental disorders characterized by significant feelings of anxiety and fear. Anxiety is a worry about future events and fear is a reaction to current events. These feelings may cause physical symptoms, such as a fast heart rate and shakiness. – Wiki definition



Yes, I “suffer” from anxiety but I wouldn’t say suffer or mental disorder I just have a different way of thinking and I worry different than most! What triggers this “mental” disorder that I have well ANYTHING honestly anything and everything can set it off. Now my anxiety comes with panics attacks UGH, if I cant get a hold of my anxiety fast it turns into a huge panic. I know many of your reading this probably suffer from this same “mental” disorder that’s why you are here. I have done loads of research and read self help books for anxiety and all they did was give me anxiety because they couldn’t give me answers! I wanted answers, I still want answers don’t you. I’m sure like me many of you don’t know what exactly sets it off and we probably will never know that’s why its labelled a mental disorder. But don’t let this give you anxiety like it has me in the past see it as you have a different way of thinking and worrying about most topics.

So how do I deal with an anxiety attack? In the past I use to use the 5-4-3-2-1 Technic and I still do when I can’t get a hold of it. So here is how this technic works list 5 things you can see around you (bird, pet, garbage, broom) 4 things you can touch ( hair, pillow, pen, 99A47A72-BEAB-414D-A8B2-E6C3773EEFF1paper, grass) 3 things you can hear (heart, dog, cars, bird whistling, tv) 2 things you can smell (garbage, fresh cut grass, crisp winter air, cologne) 1 thing you can taste (coffee, lunch, focus on your mouth not whats around you that you can taste like gum) This always works for me I usually lay on the floor and do this to help ground myself and put all the negative energy into the floor. As time went on and I did more research on this I found out that getting a pet can help, so I did and he is trained to help with anxiety. I did online training with him and a course and focusing on training him HELPED! it kept me busy and when i would start to have anxiety or a panic attack he would come over and force me to focus on HIM. My anxiety dogs name is Yoshi, now he does what most dogs do and get excites and shakes when he sees other dogs but I didn’t realise that I focused on him when this was happening and it didn’t give me anxiety like you would think. I know people who are renting are going I’m not allowed a dog in my place but in most places if you have a service dog or a mental disorder dog you are allowed to have them in no pet places and your landlord cant say no but keep in mind your dog should be house trained and registered and have the vest. Now when I’m working and I don’t have him I have a cup of tea and do my grounding routine. I am able to own a business and have a mental disorder and work with it because of my anxiety I have slight control issues so take your mental disorder and make it work for YOU! Easier said than done I know but its worth a try right?

Now how do the people around me deal with me having anxiety! I use to hide it like crazy which then gave me panic attacks UUUGGGHHH RIGHT?!?!?!? I’m sure I’m not the only one who has dealt with this. I once again did research and read books and BLAH BLAH BLAH just to realise that if the people around me cant accept my anxiety then they cant accept me. This was a hard thing to accept it gave me anxiety thinking of losing friends and the people I thought were my support system but are they really your friends and your support system if they don’t help you or let you be you. ANXIETY ALERT right there theses thoughts went through my head but then I started hiding my anxiety from my now ex because my anxiety made him mad because to him I was freaking out over nothing. Once we split (anxiety again felt no one was gonna ever love me) I slowly learnt that I can let go of things and its gonna be ok. I’m gonna be ok and then my sister in law got me my dog for my birthday present and now I worry as much not to say I don’t have anxiety as often I do but I do have a little more control of it. So, my group of friends(my family) all accept me and don’t judge and help me! My boyfriend has so much patients with me and he notices when I have anxiety and doesn’t push for answers or demands me to breath he says simply ” I’m here for you babe” its funny how someone saying I’m here for you can help so much! I understand this all takes time and I’ve had anxiety that I’ve noticed since I was 18 and who knows before that I just brushed it off as being a teen and hormonal LOL. but I’m not 27 and I can say I have better control over it without Meds I’ve just had to except things that aren’t easy to except. Take your time and figure out what works if what you are doing now change it you might have to try 2-50 new things before you find what works for you and over time what works might change. But my biggest piece of advice find friends and family that are there for you!

I hope this read hasn’t set you into anxiety and that it helps you calm down because typing this out has calmed me down and made me realise how far I have come!

Love you Love bugs.

AGE? What is your number?

Age, to me this number that we focus so much on but is just that a number! Yes its the number that represents how many years we have been on this marble we call earth but I grew up being told never ask a women her age or weight HAHA. Ok so when it comes to dating we make age seem like a huge thing. Like OMG hes 10 years older than you or WTF dude she is 12 years younger than you or vise versa. Why do we make this number such a big deal? We chalk this number up to be ” well the older you are the more wiser/mature you are” FALSE! I know many “adults” that are older than me and they honestly are less mature than my 27 year old butt. Example, my father (sorry, not sorry) he is 51 ( we don’t talk haven’t talked in a year and I’m happy with that and my own little daddy issues that I have.) what does my father have to show for his age when you think of someone at this age what comes to your mind. . . my mind goes to someone who has there home almost payed off, had there mid life crises and owns a nice sports cars and there daily driver. I also think of someone who has a career that they have worked on for years and will retire well. But now a days this isn’t the case, lets be real for a moment at the age of 30-35 people are just figuring out what they wanna do for the rest of there life and just starting the retirement age is 65 here in Canada. So back to the BIG question why is age such a big deal, I’m currently 27 and own a business/businesses basically I’m an entrepreneur #bossbabe as I like to call it hehe. Last little bit I have wondered why we look at age as a big deal because being older doesn’t make you smarter or wiser nor does it make you better. I understand respect your elders but theirs a line what is an elder to you. I think an elder is someone with life experience who you can learn from whether there 21-103 years of age. Times have definitely changed for sure and us younger generation are blamed for it but it was the generation before us that raised us. This is not a blame of the ages games I see it as you make life as you want it. I didn’t have the most bright up bringing but I don’t let that make me who I am I have grown from it and because of it and the pain I went through I have become better with my age. So this has been having me thinking a lot because I’ve been asked from clients and potential clients and from people I’ve interviewed how old I am because I look so young and they think its a joke. Now with that being said my age has nothing to do with how mature or immature I am ( yes i can be immature) My worth ethic and what I’m doing with my life should be all that matters that that little number we make a big deal out of! Tell me, do you feel your number matches your maturity and work ethic? Do people judge you based on your number? Maybe your in your 40’s and you decided to start a company or even in your 50’s maybe some look at you and go aren’t you a bit old? NO, you are not to older or younger set those goals makes those gains and don’t listen to that number that may or may not be holding you back! My mom is in her late 40’s and has started her own soap making business and I’m so proud of her for not giving up and trying she has tried and done so many things to find something that makes her happy and this is by the one thing i seen that makes her happy.

So, go and make your number just that your number!

New Year who dis?!

WOW! 2017 is almost over and its time for a new year, new you that’s the saying right? so instead of that lets go with New Year who dis, why because this year is gonna be my/your year! Lets make it so people don’t know who we are or cant believe how much we can achieve. I know we all make new years resolutions like ill lose weight, hit the gym, get a better job, go to school. All those are great new years goals BUT what really is your goal? Ok so you wanna lose weight, why? How much? How are you gonna do this goal, are you gonna get a trainer, pay for a program, are you really gonna stick to this goal just like last year? Maybe you want a better job once again why? Is it because the money is crap, you hate your boss or people you work with, maybe its not what you wanna do for the rest of your life. Ok so go to school! but you don’t know what for so maybe instead of looking for another job THINK stop and think what are you wanting to do for the rest of your life since not everyone can stay at home and be a full time mom or be a stay at home dog mom. Take the time and think about this goal and plan how to achieve it don’t just start handing out resumes cuz chances are you’ll be setting this goal again next year and whats the point in starting over again and again!

So, what are my new year who dis goals! Well get a place with my Boyfriend is top on my list and we have it all laid out we are gonna move DT (Downtown) and into a condo and we are currently gonna go look at one today! my next goal is work on growing my business BIGGER i want more clients and staff and how am I gonna do that??? I’m gonna post ad’s and get a better lawyer, work more with the health care system and senior care facilities as well as assisted living facilities. My third goal is get my ass in shape again cuz my injury last year and the year before really put a bump in my fitness journey so I’m gonna work on shoulder and the injury as well as my diet! I’m gonna make the Boyfriend help me with this goal! These are my goals so far I’m sure through out the year ill make more goals because new years isn’t the only time you should set goals because our needs and wants always change so this means our goals will as well. I will keep you up with my new years goals and the new ones I set and hopefully y’all can join me on this journey.

Why am I sharing this with y’all well because I want to see you achieve your goals and help you set them so that you can actually achieve them instead of doing the regular goal setting for new years. Lets be honest how many of you have achieved your new years goals the year you made them and not re set them? I haven’t well some I have a expanded my business and did a lot of growing up last year. So tell me about your goals let me help and lets grow and have this New Year who dis year be the best year!!!



Building your support system

My fitness journey has been Up and Down, the heaviest I’ve weighted is 182 and the lightest I’ve weighted as an adult is 118. My height is 5’8 so i should be about 130-150 I say that because when I have muscle and I’m toned I weight more. Currently my ass sits at 143, chest 36″, waist 27″, and hips 39″ Honestly I’m happy with look now and yes I know I can improve but I’m in no rush! (If you wanna see check out Instagram @miss.alspaugh)

So, when you are losing weight, maintaining, getting ready to compete or trying to gain weight we are always gonna have a support system even if its just yourself to start no matter how you look at it you are gonna have haters and people who think you’re just being silly. Remember you are doing this for you no one else and if you aren’t doing this for you WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING THIS?! We set goals for our self no one else, set them for someone else and you’ll lose who you are in the end and trust me you’ll think you hit your goals but people take and keep taking till you have nothing left or you break. So set your goal for fitness or life for YOU, the support you need may not be there right away but it does come. I made my instagram with not intention of it growing as fast as it did but once I started posting fitness goals and stuff my support system came through strangers! Not family or friends but strangers online, now some of my family supports my fitness goals and almost all my friends do. It has been almost a year and a half and I have a support system I can now count on! My boyfriend has competed in shows so he is my number one support system ( although we aren’t on the band wagon currently as we love food and its December) OK POINT! lol I’m side swiped easy, don’t expect to have everyone support right away and don’t get upset when someone has a negative comment keep your goals and dreams in mind and stick to them because no one likes starting over 100 times with no results stick to it and the results will happen. It takes a week to started, 21 days to create a habit and 3 months to see results. I did the take a picture every month some do it every two weeks trust me its scary when you weigh 180 and your taking naked pictures and the a month later doing it again and not seeing results but seeing the  number on the scale go down. I started seeing actual result after 3 months i could actually look at myself and see them the number on the scale now means sweet fuck all to me because i can see them happening in the mirror. I did all this without anyone supporting my dreams and goals. I believe in you and your goals and if you need to talk or need a good kick in the ass Message me on here or social media. I will be your support system when you have no one or need just one more in your group.

Kees Kees love bugs.


Life tips

How to be present in your life everyday to make the most of the time you have here on earth.

  1. Start and/or end your day by journaling/blogging/writing do this to relax you collect your thoughts, make a plan. TRUST me I have anxiety and this tips helps me.
  2. Listen without interrupting. Actually take the time to hear what someone is saying to you, its like listening without the intent to reply. You will be surprised by how much more you hear and take in when you do this.
  3. Do one task at a time, you will find you get more done doing this then when you multitask everything in your life. We glorify being busy but take the time to do one task at a time and you’ll find you have more energy.
  4. Prioritise your intentions!
  5. Eat more mindfully, this helps you would be surprised how eating an apple or celery can change your day over eating that candy bar or eating cuz you’re bored. GUILTY!
  6. Unplug by a certain hour every week day, I find this the hardest to follow but when I do this I find I get more hours in my day.

What do you think about when you can’t sleep? A rant!

Well it’s 1:42 in the morning and I’m laying here unable to rest! I’ve tried now for about 45 mins and I just can’t seem to do this simple thing that I need to do so badly! Why!?!? Owen isn’t snoring my dog isn’t laying on the bed, I’ve got the window slightly open and it’s perfect temperature. I’m not having anxiety or worried I’m relaxed so WTF! Does anyone else have these late nights where you lay there and make a to do list for the next day or you plan your wake up and morning routine or even what workout you wanna do? Or is this just me and I’m crazy 😝 it’s probably just me I tell myself a lot but I know it’s not! If one person is have this problem it means someone else in this world is to! This is a common thing for me, this whole not sleeping thing. Yes I have tried teas and pills and they helped kinda made me sleepy but never put or kept me to sleep!! So over the next bit I’m gonna test things out, give what the internet, Pinterest and y’all have to say and see if any of it works for me I’ll do a post on it each month and let you know what works and what doesn’t!! So since I can’t sleep I’m gonna go do some research and get ideas!

I hope you all have a good sleep

love you love bugs 🐛

Diet? Weight? The struggle is real!

Every year there is a new fad a new diet a new super food or magic pill that makes you “perfect”, well let’s be serious there’s no single magic pill that makes you skinny and grow a booty. There is no super food that’s gonna make those pounds drop or diet fad 3547831A-AC4A-4134-B6C2-067F9BA2DF46like eat a grapefruit every morning or kale life!! Honestly I use to follow all these I’ve done the fit teas that taste nasty and makes you live in the toilet the week you drink eat. I’ve done it just like you but I realised over time only way to lose that weight get healthy or maintain is to eat healthy! We think yogurt is healthy yes it is to an extent but same goes for fruits there loaded in sugars but I’m not saying there bad and don’t eat them there far better than McDonald’s!! But let’s get this straight you need to find a actual diet that works for you! I do IF(intermittent fasting) as well as intuitive eating. I’ve learnt with loads of research and personal training. I’ve paid two personal trains to help with diets and honestly there worth the money. I know we can’t all afford one so I wanna help you! This won’t be an overnight fix but slowly we can break this down together!

Now diets! Do they all work NO! Why, everyone has a different body type and different digestive system. We are all different so this is why not all diets work. Over time we all B176CAD0-5B5C-46A6-B26E-E9D816D61949learn our bodies we learn what foods are a yes and what are a no! So find what works for you and stick to it, play around with diet types like keto, IF, intuitive, chicken and rice, calories, macros, try one and see if it works with your life style and your body.

So, with all this being said I’m gonna test new diets through this new year who dis and keep you up to date on them weekly and what I eat and photos and recipes. To those looking for a diet I hope that you will join me and tell me about your experience and what you like the best! I’ll also be giving my routine on workout and what I do to better help you on gaining weight, losing weight, and maintaining. Keep in A13E541E-4432-41A8-B249-87F4AAFF06DCmind I’m not a training or trained to train you these are just what work for me!

Now let’s start this new year who dis off right!! On the second of January of course!

Love you lots love bugs



Let’s talk about love… Let’s talk about sex!

21A8D87E-E599-4F40-9AA4-AF960917BFF1AWKWARD! Actually it’s not really let’s be real most of us reading this have had sex. . . If not there’s still time or you’ll find your right person soon. Let’s be honest and real it’s not awkward so why do we make it awkward and why do we make porn a sin! why is falling in love fast a bad thing, why is love at first sight not real anymore? Something that is so natural and makes you feel so good why is it frowned upon. Not only that why is sex on the first date a bad thing! I feel it’s your choice if you put out first date second or third, even after 30 days you pick but don’t judge others for there choice! Why is falling in love after a week bad or a month or even the min you see them!

Ok so my point, I waited till the third date to have s** (that means sex) and realized I loved him after a month of dating! Now I know many are gonna say that’s to soon or you can’t love someone that soon BLAH BLAH BLAH. So I can’t have sex to soon or love to soon NOW those of who you say I can’t WHO are you to tell me I can’t because guess what I DID!!! I’m sure many of you agree with me love whoever and whenever you want and have sex with whoever and whenever you want and how many times you want with as many as you want. So, I loved him after a month of “dating” I thought maybe it was lust or the fact the sex was/ is so good but NOPE I actually loved this man. I still do he hasn’t drove me up the wall and I haven’t driven him up the wall yet hehe. So honestly love with all your heart and love someone anytime and tell them you love them because you never wanna miss a chance to say I love you!

We kinda covered love now let’s cover the hush hush part SEXY time!!! The thing that makes the night longer the thing that makes you late for work and the thing that relaxes you! Like we said it’s never to soon or to late to have sex with someone, now how often should you? Another topic that is hush 🤫 another topic that people judge you for if you have sex every night it’s called new love or sex addict, 2-4 times a week it’s a routine and once a week is lack of love and connection am I right this is what we have been trained or told. I don’t believe that, we all live very different life styles and have different sex drives so don’t let anyone label you or put you in a box! What is my point well labels why do we label love and sex and put categories in these two topics? Why? If we all stop judging and let people live this wouldn’t be an issue. I’ll be open about my sex and love life and I know so many will label me for it but I’m ok with that label me! But do not label others to make yourself feel good!

Now go out there love with all your freaking heart and have all the sex you need and want and don’t feel judged.

Love you all love bugs 🐛